Posted by: Frank | December 3, 2011

Changing My Online Presence

Over the years I have hung my shingle over many virtual doors of the Internet. The very first domain I have ever owned was If you go to the web site you will see that it is very much Web 1.0 home page, it even has a animated GIF.

A while back I bought the domain although I never associated it with its own web site, instead I had it configured to redirect to this blog. Ever since I have owned this domain I have used it as my primary address on the web. If someone asks for my web site, I provide

It made sense when I was frequently posting new stuff to this blog to direct people here, after all it contains my latest and greatest content. However, with the emergence of the multitude of social networks I find that I am writing less here, so I began to wonder whether it still made sense to have redirect to this site.

I’ve recently started using Google+ a lot, and one day I looked at my Google profile and realized that it looked very much like a blog. Google+ is where I have started to share the things I find interesting on the Internet, along with a few comments about why I find it interesting.

Consequently, I asked myself, shouldn’t I be directing people to my Google profile to find me and see what I have to share on the Internet? So I decided to change where points to and you will now see it points to my posts to my Google profile that I enter using Google+.

If you aren’t logged in to Google+, or you are but are not in my circles, then all you see are my public posts. The beauty of Google+ is that it is very easy to use it to share things publicly and privately, as opposed to having one place that is private and another that is public.

At the same time, I decided to create a couple of subdomains to to provide more direct access to my profile ( and this blog (

Here is my current strategy for writing online. Short posts to share interesting things or make a short statement will be published on Google+. Longer essays and material that I want to retain stronger control over will be published here on Notes From The Cave. I think this strategy matches what I have basically been doing for the last several months.

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