Posted by: Frank | February 26, 2012

A Short History Of My Writing For The Web

Back in 1999 I discovered an emerging form of writing for the web called weblogging via the work of Dave Winer. Dave had the vision of making it easier to write on the web that he called Edit This Page. In May 1999 he was working to make the vision reality by developing the Edit This Page web writing and hosting environment, based on a tool called Manila that he developed as part of his company, Userland Software.

I found the simplicity of Edit This Page so appealing that I signed up for a site and began writing my very first weblog. The Edit This Page environment was very much in development and often prone to going down, which for some reason bothered folks even though they were getting a web hosting and publishing environment for free.

On December 5, 1999 I published my first post on Notes From The Cave. From 1999 thru roughly 2008 and later were the homes for Notes From The Cave until it went out of business and I moved on to WordPress. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a way to move all of my writing to WordPress but thanks to the Internet Archive, Wayback Machine, I still have access to my work during that time.

Since its beginning many people have shaped weblogging into their own vision. It went from a simple way for sharing links to other web sites, along with a brief description, to a full content publishing platform that birthed what is now viewed as the tech publishing industry such as Engadget, Gizmodo, and The Verge. It can be said that weblogging was the foundation for social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Twitter is essentially a microblogging site much like the early link sharing world of the original weblogs.

The dust has settled from the formative days of web writing into long form and short form camps. What you see in the body of this web site is mostly long form writing, which I produced as time permits. I’ve recently started a new site called Real Personal Computing where I write more frequently about what I consider to be the birth of what personal computing really is about.

I’ve also recently added Short Notes to the right sidebar of this site where I intend to more frequently share links to thinks I find on the web. The Short Notes is result of my recently playing with Amazon’s cloud and Dave’s more recent work, and I’ll write more about that experience later.

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