Posted by: Frank | April 3, 2010

MSU Is Rop-A-Doped

I know that everyone wants to wax positively about Butler in their victory over Michigan State, but come on, Butler shot 31% for the game. They went for an 8 minute stretch in the second half without making a basket. If you asked Izzo before the game that if they held Butler to 31% shooting would they win, and I am sure he would expect to win the game.

In my opinion this was not one of Izzo’s best coaching performances. Time and again I saw him telling his guards to walk the ball up the court. He slowed the game down to the point that the Spartans were standing around. Want evidence? Look at the number of Spartan fouls, most for reaching in and not moving their feet. State did not rebound as well as usual, another sign of standing around.

Coach K will not make the same mistake. I expect Duke to blow Butler out on Monday.

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