Posted by: Frank | April 9, 2010

Frozen Thoughts

Some thoughts on the 2010 Frozen Four (NCAA Division 1 Mens Hockey National Championship) at Ford Field.

Playing the games at Ford Field, which has a larger seating capacity than all NHL rinks, is a novelty. We have decent seats, but frankly, I think the big arena is not the best venue for a national championship. I can see holiday tournaments or exhibitions, but felt that Ford Field did not have much energy that a more intimate setting would provide. Of course, the poor hockey played last night didn’t help either.

Who ever thought it was a good idea to put the pep bands at ice level right by the glass should be whacked upside the head. Fortunately they put mics down by the band, which were not always turned on, to help get some sound, otherwise the bands sounded muffled. The amount of seating capacity, the bands should have been put somewhere in the stands where their sound could project. At the very least they could have made platforms for the bands. Pep bands are a big part of the college sports experience. Frankly, I think it is a big disappointment to have college venues blarring so much stuff over the loud speakers, doing so takes away from the college tradition and it is disservice to the students playing in the bands, who put a big effort into playing.

I liked Ted Kulfan’s article in the Detroit News today that related the contributions the state of Michigan has made to college hockey. One of the nice things they did at Ford Field is put up banners for all of the colleges that have won national championships in hockey, which are 17 schools. Five of those 17 schools are from Michigan, the most for any one state. All three U.P. schools have one at least 1 national championship, Michigan Tech and Lake Superior State have won three championships. The University of Michigan has the most with nine national championships. Throw in the success of the Detroit Red Wings, and while Detroit is HockeyTown, Michigan is got to be the hockey state… sorry Minnesota.

Other Michigan contributions.. Houghton, Michigan is the birth place of professional hockey. I also believe that the Great Lakes Invitational may be the first college holiday hockey tournament.

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