Posted by: Frank | April 3, 2010

It’s iPad Day

And I’m at home watching all the iPad news streaming in on twitter, in my rss feed reader, and I am watching twit live. I will not be getting an iPad today as I have decided to get one of the 3G models.

I am watching TWIT live right now, which is streaming their coverage last night. They are interviewing people standing in line and it’s a hoot. Many folks are just hanging out and don’t plan to actually get an iPad. TWIT has ended its coverage from last night, and I am surprised by looking at their schedule, that Leo doesn’t have any special broadcasting planned for today. Perhaps that is a case of not updating the schedule?

I am curious to learn how Todd’s story about getting his iPad ends. Yesterday he learned that even though he pre-ordered his iPad for delivery today, shipments are not arriving in Hawaii until Monday. He spent most of the day yesterday on the iPhone with iPad HQ (Apple) and inferred that Apple was trying to make things right. Maybe that means he’ll be getting a review unit today, I don’t know. AFAIK he is still not up in Hawaii.

Dave Winer has his iPad and is posting updates of his initial experiences on his blog. Dave is the type of guy that there are problems with a device, he seems to find him, so it will be interesting to read what he has stumbled upon.

Today would not be the day that I would want be working at an Apple store.

Just jumped over to Techcrunch in time to catch their live feed of the opening of an Apple store in San Fran. Lots of clapping and shouting. I can’t help but wonder what the real world thinks. It’s just an electronic device. In my minds eye I picture Steve Jobs sitting in iPad HQ watching the feeds coming in from around the head, petting his cat, nodding his head and chuckling. He has the power! Perhaps the iPad is just a diabolical mind control device?

My guess is that there are more people there watching people buy an iPad than who are actually buying an iPad.

BTW, TechCrunch’s stream is coming via qik on a Nexus One.

I wonder how much money UPS is making today. The brown shirts are busy driving around, delivering new iPads to all the rich girls and boys today. Hopefully the brown shirts are being fairly compensated. I wonder whether UPS and Fedex competed to get this business? Apple should have really gotten corporate sponsorship for the day.

Lost in the hype of all the folks standing in line is the really important question… who will be the last person to get an iPad today? Will it be possible for some one to go into an Apple store at 5 PM today and walk out with an iPad? That will tell you something about how well the iPad sold on day 1.

Soon I’ll be stepping away from the keyboard to go upstairs and commence our spring cleaning. Most likely I’ll be away all afternoon.


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