Posted by: Frank | February 16, 2009

Android Application Updates

You may know that Google/T-Mobile recently released an update to Android, known as RC33. The update added Voice Search to Android as well as a social networking / person tracking add-on to Google Maps called Latitude. Voice Search is something that I will use, but I briefly tried Latitude and then turned it off not so much because I am fearful of the privacy issues Latitude creates (though it does concern me) but because I don’t have any friends around me using the service, rendering it useless.

Perhaps the change to Android that I am getting the most immediate benefit from is the change made to the application manager that automatically notifies me when an update is available in the Market for any of the applications I have on my G1. Prior to this update I had to manually check the My Downloads section of Market to see if there are any updates, but now a nice little notification appears telling me that there is an update. To update the software I just tap the notification and it takes me right to the application information in the Market.

The release also includes several bug fixes, but unfortunately does not include fixes for the storage management problems I have written about here with Market and the web browser.

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