Posted by: Frank | February 16, 2009

HTC Straight Talk For Conference Calls

Right now I am sifting through all of the news coming out of the Mobile World Congress about Windows Mobile in preparation for recording a podcast this evening with my friend Todd. HTC is one of my favorite companies because it is constantly working on hardware and software innovations for their Windows Mobile devices. One could say that the UI enhancement they released a year ago for the T-Mobile Shadow influenced the design of new Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen.

Today HTC announced refreshes to the Diamond (the Diamond2) and the TouchPro (Touch Pro2) and I have to admit that the Touch Pro2 looks like a sweet device! However, what I am most interested in is a software innovation that HTC announced called Straight Talk that seems to be designed to make it easier to initiate conference calls from the phone.

I spend a lot of my work day on the phone in conference calls, and 99% of those calls utilize AT&T’s conference calling service commonly known as a Meet Me Line. You dial a phone number, usually a 1-800 number, enter a numeric PIN followed by the hash (pound) key, and you connect to the conference call. As you can imagine the dial string for these conference calls is long and can be a real pain to try and dial if you are on the move. Over the years I have tried automating the process by creating a dial string in the body of emails or appointments prefixed with the tel: string and using pauses to wait for the prompts to enter the PIN. The problem is that some times the prompts don’t work and I have to manually convert the MML information into a touchable dial string by adding the tel: prefix. If Straight Talk improves this process in any way it will be very useful to me, and I am betting it will be useful to many other people who have corporate mobile phones.

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