Posted by: Frank | October 3, 2008

Under Pressure

I hate the fact that my fears are being realized with the Chicago Cubs. There is a simple, one word explaination for what is happening: choke. When people don’t perform under pressure as they normally do, that is choking. Pitchers walking batters is choking. Gold-glove players making errors they don’t normally make is choking. I don’t know how a baseball manager can prevent choking, I think it is more of a sign about the type of players you have and that is more a sign of the general manager’s performance. After the end of another debacle the Chicago Cubs will have to decide whether having a great regular season is good enough, or whether you want to win the playoffs. If you want to win in the playoffs I think it is obvious you need different players who can handle the pressure.

Ironically, the Cubs should have taken a lesson about handling pressure from Sarah Palin. She handled the pressure of last night’s debate by being on the offensive and not allowing the situation to deviate from how she had prepared. What I saw last night was a person who was very well prepared for specific questions and IGNORED questions she wasn’t prepared to answer. I think both the moderator and Joe Biden let her off the hook by not pressing her to answer the question.

So, people may feel better about her performance last night. But here is the problem. A President cannot be prepared for every situation. There are going to be many times that require quick, on the spot thinking. The interviews that we have seen, and the fact that the campaign is not allowing reporters to interview her, demonstrates that she cannot handle the pressure of the unexpected.

The number one job of the Vice President of the United States is to be prepared to be President of the United States should that be required. When you look at the entire body of work presented, not just last night’s debate, can anyone be comfortable with President Sarah Palin? 

When looking at the vice presidential nominees there are two questions to be answered. First, because the VP selection is the Presidential nominee’s first presidential decision, what does that the selection say about the Presidential nominee’s decision making? Second, is the VP nominee capable of being President?

In my opinion, admittedly biased, the answers are obvious to both questions. So far, I have not seen anything that makes me believe that either McCain or Palin are ready for the pressure of being President of the United States.

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