Posted by: Frank | September 5, 2008

Being Christ Like

To my Christian brothers and sisters fervently supporting the Republicans, I have a question. If as a Christian you believe that we are called to be like Christ, what is a closer fit, serving those who have lost their jobs and down on their luck, or fighting a war?

Yes, I know that abortion is an important issue to you. As are family values and making sure that gays don’t have rights. Here is what I know. In my lifetime there have been seven presidents: five Republicans and two Democrats. Republicans have clearly have been in power longer throughout my 42 years. Not one of those Republicans has made a difference with abortion. Dubya road a wave of emotion in his first election on being against gay marriage, yet after being in office did Dubya do anything about gay marriage?

These are emotional issues, like taxes and social security, that politicians use to get you to not look at the real issues. They are Red Herrings and I encourage you to not get caught up in them.

As a Christian, while I believe that all life is precious, I also believe that our actions and not our words are what define as as Christians. My upbringing as a Christian has taught me that war is wrong; ignoring the needs of the poor for the sake of making more money is wrong; judging people who are down on their luck and deeming them as getting what they deserve is wrong; not providing health care to all who need it, leaving people to make life or death decisions is wrong… and most of all, it is not Christ like.


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