Posted by: Frank | September 15, 2008

It Doesn’t Make Sense

I don’t understand why conservative Republicans are so happy with McCain now that he picked Palin as his Vice President. Since when did the Vice President establish policy for the presidency? Oh, right, since Dick Cheney. But Palin does not come across to me as the second coming of Dick Cheney. How does her mere presence change McCain’s history, which has been so different from the conservatives?

The problem here is that too many people will vote Republican just to vote Republican, but I ask, what has the Republican’s done to earn that vote? Watergate, Iran-Contra, and WMD-gate, three significant, possibly impeachable offenses during three of the last five Republican presidencies. Does that earn the right to the Oval Office? And given how far McCain has changed, just for the chance to win the Presidency, why should we trust him? I find it hard to respect someone so willing to just change their principles for power and greed.

No, for me the primary issue for me on who I will cast my vote for is trust.  So far, McCain has not done anything to earn my trust. Picking a person to be one heartbeat away from the presidency who has NO national or global experience does not earn my trust. At least Dan Quayle was in Congress and had some national experience when he was selected VP.

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