Posted by: Frank | March 17, 2023

Frank blogged on March 17, 2023 at 10:14AM

Just this past Wednesday I found myself in a conversation about what is woke and what is anti-woke, as the person who I was talking to didn’t understand. I think anti-woke as it is being used is easier to define. Basically, whenever someone is claiming they are anti-woke they mean they oppose the enforcement of beliefs upon themselves or others. For some it’s simply the label for ideas they don’t agree with or norms/rules they don’t want to abide by. I think at the root of this issue is a decrease in tolerance for each other. As an example, one side may say one must use proper pronouns in reference to a person, the other side says that one must not be forced to use certain words or have to listen to one other’s beliefs because listening is the same as indoctrination. There is no effort made to meet in the middle because each side wants their way, one side says they are just being polite, the other side says they are just using common sense.

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