Posted by: Frank | August 3, 2022

Frank blogged on August 03, 2022 at 01:49PM

Against my better judgement, I ordered the new Google Pixelbuds Pro from the Google Store and once again I have evidence that delivery of products from the Google Store is at best cursed if not flat out incompetent.

To my surprise I found that Google shipped the Pixelbuds via UPS, which I thought was good because UPS seems to know what they are doing, but then I saw the indicator that it is really via Mail Innovations. I think this is the service in which UPS and the USPS partner in delivery with UPS doing the cross country transport and USPS doing the last mile, and it means more moving parts to fail.

The Pixelbuds shipped out of Bensenville, IL on July 26 and arrived in a UPS sorting facility in Urbancrest, OH, which is a suburb of Columbus. According to the UPS tracker, the package then was delivered to USPS in West Bloomfield, MI, which is where I live, on July 29 but rather than being delivered to me on August 1 as originally expected the next update on that date was another “sorted” at UPS facility in Urbancrest, OH.

To date the package has yet to arrive. I know there is no guarantee date and that I did not pay extra for shipping, but I am wondering why it appears stuck in Ohio as if nobody knows what to do with it. I can’t remember whether I even had the option to pay for delivery.

Prior three orders of phones and the Pixelbook, which are more expensive items, where delivered to the wrong address. I get packages from Amazon and other online stores via UPS and Fedex with no problem, but every dang one from Google is messed up.

Now I wonder, how long do I wait until I call Google to tell them my shipment hasn’t arrived?

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