Posted by: Frank | July 27, 2022

Frank blogged on July 27, 2022 at 09:50AM

I hope that Mike Pence seeks the Republican nomination for POTUS, then I hope that everyone, particularly journalists, emphasizes the differences between Pence and Trump as the difference between true Americans who stand for the Constitution and the other who not only does NOT stand for the Constitution but also has contempt for it.

Which one is the True American?

My point is not that I agree with or support Pence, but besides Democracy, what is the real difference between he and Trump? Any election that involves Donald Trump is a referendum on the representative Democracy/Republic that is the United States.

If comes down to a question of Democracy or no Democracy, I pick Democracy every. single. time. What about you?

I just wonder whether Pence has the balls to draw the comparison this clear?

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