Posted by: Frank | November 4, 2021

Frank blogged on November 04, 2021 at 05:02PM

I am planning on buying a new Macbook during the holiday season, so I am keeping my eyes on the deals being offered. I am not in the market for the new high-end Pros as I don’t need that much nor do I want to spend that much, but I do want at least 512 GB of storage, which pushes me to the high-end Air or the 13-inch Pro. I am leaning toward the Air, does anyone think the 13-inch Pro is the better way to go? I basically need a computer that runs current operating systems and I want it to last. I do hope to also run Windows 11 on it using Parallels. As a sidebar, I am curious if anyone has strong opinions about buying refurbished Macbooks from Apple versus new, it seems to me there is little risk and attractive prices.

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