Posted by: Frank | May 15, 2021

Frank blogged on May 15, 2021 at 11:15AM

I recently bought a BenQ 4K monitor and when I connected it to the USB-C dock that I had I found out that the dock could only support 4K at 30HZ, which is noticeably slow just when moving the mouse on the screen. Just about all the computer monitors we use do 60Hz.

Now, I was using my Pixelbook with the dock and I found that when I connect it to the monitor using a USB-C cable it can do 4K@60Hz, so I figured the dock was the limiting factor, which I confirmed on the manufacture’s web site. I then started to search for docks that say they can do 4K@60Hz and decided on the Anker PowerExpander.

As you probably imagine by now, I got the new dock yesterday and found it also is only doing 4K@30Hz, both HDMI and DisplayPort. Sigh. I tested the dock with another computer and it does 4K@60Hz, so I am back looking at the Pixelbook.

Anker’s site says 4K on DisplayPort requires DisplayPort 1.4 and I cannot find out whether the Pixelbook supports it. I thought, naively that if I could get 4K@60Hz with just a USB-C connection then why couldn’t it work that way with a dock?

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