Posted by: Frank | February 27, 2021

Frank blogged on February 27, 2021 at 01:30PM

I’ve wondering about the future if Wear OS in light of Google closing the acquisition of Fitbit and that are so few watches with the new Qualcomm 4100 processor. I suspect Google has drastically slowed development on Wear OS and that has forced companies to hold back launching watches with the 4100 because may be the only new thing about them in the next year. If I am right that may mean we won’t see watches with the latest processor until the fall.

Personally, the Fossil Sport that I currently wear has all the “features” I need but performance is not exactly reliable. I’ve begun to think one of the latest Fitbits might be good. I really wish Apple would do with Apple Watch what they did with the iPod and make it work with Android, which I think would decisively the end Wear OS, but Apple appears committed to the halo Watch gives to iPhone.

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