Posted by: Frank | January 19, 2021

Frank blogged on January 19, 2021 at 12:04PM

The conclusion I reach after reading the New Yorker story, “Among the Insurrectionists” is that at the least we live in two Americas, if not in two realities. I also don’t see a way for any real resolution because the people described in the article cannot be reasoned with, they only want their way. Democrats and fix this, and while Republicans have the only chance, even those who do not “comply” will not be listened too.

For me, it comes down to principles. Republicans had principles at one time, such as demonstrated by John McCain when he pushed back when someone wanted to brand Obama a Muslim, implying all Muslims are enemies.

The fact that so many Republican members of Congress abetted the insurrection is proof to me that the lust for power and having their own way is far stronger than the principles of democracy.

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