Posted by: Frank | August 14, 2020

Frank blogged on August 14, 2020 at 02:40PM

In a blog post today Om Malik asks, What is work? and I think he touches on a root cause of Trumpism. Basically, many people have a hard time seeing a future in which they have a good paying job and nobody seems to have an answer. Democrats are supposed to support labor via union representation, but instead appears to be in bed with corporations and the wealthy as much as Republicans. The traditional Republican Party has no better answers, leaving a vacuum that allows for the scapegoating that Trump promotes.

Except, scapegoating is itself a misdirection no different than anyone else because it puts focus on China and not on the corporations that use Chinese labor. Pick up anything and you will likely find a “made in China” sticker, but is that the fault of China or the “American” company who sell the product? And what if American’s hunt for the bargain that pushes change companies toward low cost labor so they can maintain profit margins?

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