Posted by: Frank | December 13, 2019

Frank blogged on December 13, 2019 at 01:38PM

I needed to buy a new smartphone this week that I did not want to spend much money on because I really just needed it to handle phone calls and text messages, so I bought this Nokia 6.

It’s my first phone from the new Nokia and I have to say that I am really impressed. Solid construction with a very nice display. Best of all so far is the Battery life… it’s been running for more than 30 hours since I charged it and still has 40% left… although I don’t have many apps (particularly apps like Facebook) installed, so that may be a contributor.

A bonus with this phone is that it is dual SIM, unlocked and it can also use a SD card, although if you do you cannot use the second SIM as it uses the same slot.

While the phone ships with Android 7.1.1. installed it upgraded to Android 9 immediately upon set up. It is stock Android with only an FM Radio and My Phone apps added to the standard apps you find with Android.

I don’t think this phone will upgrade to Android 10 and Google may not be pushing security updates for Androids 9, but I have found this to be a great phone for the price!

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