Posted by: Frank | March 24, 2016

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So, 6 weeks ago we got a brand spanking new sump pump. Today we had a deluge of rain while Ruth and I were working in the basement. I glanced across the room and saw the carpet near the drain was saturated.

Turns out the sump pump wasn’t running. But, surely, you say, you have a backup pump. We do, we do, but turns out there plumber turned it off when he replaced the primary. Also turns out that for some reason the fuse blew on the circuit for the sump pump. We’ve lived here 20 years and I did not know of the fuse for the sump pump outside by the meter and not in the panel with all the other switches.

So, our finished basement has taken some serious water damage. We’ve been scrambling to move items we don’t want taken off to storage. Tomorrow movers come to haul everything out so that the carpet can come out, and paneling take down.

Insurance should cover most of this, so the real pain is dealing with the packing, moving, and repair to the area that involves our home office in which Ruth works every day.


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