Posted by: Frank | January 19, 2016

From my blog: Titles and No Titles

Notes From The Cave has been the title for a blog I’ve written since I discovered blogging in late 1999. In 2008 I moved it to WordPress, and I was writing blog posts there up until I started using Fargo for my blogging. Over the last year I have been updating it by pulling in updates I make to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pocket via If This Then That, and the result is a consolidation of all that I share on Internet. I am now sending new items from this blog over there too, but as you will see, I am handling posts without titles with a default title of “From my blog:”.

The stream format I use for this site does not provide titles unless I create them in the manner such as I have done for this post.

By the way, Dave has been

from Frank’s Web Notes


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