Posted by: Frank | June 27, 2015

So last week, in the wake of the murder in the Emanuel African Methodist Church, many of the people I follow on social media proclaimed that any minister or priest worth their salt would tear up whatever sermon they had prepared for this past Sunday and preach about what happened in that church. Preach about what? Did they dare to preach about how we are all racist? That racism is simply a reflection of the sin, the condition, that we all have in common? How our ego, our desire to always be right, compels us to create God in our image? How in fact, what has always separated us from God is our desire to be god? So, I wonder, in light of the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, what will our ministers and priests preach about this Sunday? Do they dare to connect the dots, or do they return to using sin as a weapon, or do they simply ignore the topic?

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