Posted by: Frank | July 16, 2011

Pure Michigan

Today I made another trip back to the mother land via I-75 and U.S. 2. The sun was shinning, the skies were blue, and for the most part it was hot. Between West Bloomfield and Bridgeport I drove five down (four windows down, sunroof open), but from Bridgeport to The Bridge it was air conditioning all the way. I enjoyed the nice stiff breeze while crossing the bridge, and kept the windows down all the way to Manistique.

Today, for some reason, I was more conscious of my surroundings even as it went whizzing by as I traveled along the freeway. Big green trees adorn the sides of the roads along much of I-75, and then few places can top the view of the Lake Michigan shoreline along U.S. 2, just west of St. Ignace.

My final destination for this trip is Menominee, MI, and I will complete the journey tomorrow morning. In my younger days I would have pushed to get all the way to my destination, until one day I realized, I am just going to be staying in a hotel room anyway, so why push it. For the last several years I have stopped the first night at Manistique.

When I am in Manistique I stay at the Comfort Inn. Amongst the amenities is a Big Boy restaurant across the parking lot and Lake Michigan across the road. I love unwinding after a long drive with a stroll along the lake front via the boardwalk. If you travel through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I highly recommend stopping in Manistique if for nothing else than to take a walk along the boardwalk.

As you stroll along the boardwalk, listen to the waves lapping along the shore. Gulls fly overhead, and occasionally make their presence known with a loud screech. Towards the west you will see the Manistique light house, one of hundreds of lighthouses that appear along the shores of Michigan. A long break wall exists from the shore to the lighthouse, which you can walk along the top, at your own risk.

This evening I took my walk around 9 PM and enjoyed the sunset. Manistique is along the southeastern coast of the U.P., so you don’t see the same sunset as say at the Breakers near Houghton, MI, but it was still enjoyable.

As the sun slowly descended, with the waves crashing, and the breeze flowing, I gave thanks for this day. For my safe travel thus far, and for the gift of nature that I was able to enjoy.


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