Posted by: Frank | May 15, 2011

Testing MarsEdit

One of my first steps in restarting my efforts here has been to find blog editing software that I can use to write posts. I asked my friend Todd what program he uses, and he said that while he mainly writes using a web browser, he had heard many good things about MarsEdit.

Many years of writing weblogs has taught me that while it is nice to publish content to blogs within a web browser, browsers can be unstable. Since they don’t create a file, it is very easy to lose what you write by just accidentally hitting the back button. I write my blog posts for in Evernote for that reason, plus the fact that I have a copy of Evernote on every device that I use and therefore have access to all of my writing everywhere.

Using MarsEdit constrains my writing for this blog to my Macbook Air, and therefore I might use Evernote to originally draft my content and then use MarsEdit to edit, markup, and publish that content. That is still to be decided.

So, having to start somewhere, I start today through the purchasing of MarsEdit from the Mac App store, and the writing of this post. This is just a beginning, and this is just a test.


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