Posted by: Frank | December 31, 2010

Mobile Tech Highs, Lows, Looking Ahead To 2011, And Good News

I’ve wrapped up my blog posts for for the year. Over the last three days I’ve written my year end review of the highs and the lows of mobile technology in 2010, and this afternoon I wrote a post in which I list the questions I am looking forward to seeing answered in 2011. I’ve been writing about mobile technology for more than a decade, and I really feel that 2010 was the most exciting year so far.

A decade ago I was only part of a small group of people who used a smartphone, but now it seems everyone has a Blackberry, Android, or iPhone. The technology is changing how we communicate with and stay connected to people. It helps us maintain relationships between people who are thousands of miles apart, but at the same time adds challenges to our real life relationships. We need to remember to not keep the small screen so close to our faces that it blocks out the real world around us.

Like most things shiny and new, we tend to become compulsive towards that new object. I am confident that eventually mobile technology will fall into its proper perspective and contribute towards making the world better. Many places in the world still cannot connect to the Internet and therefore do not benefit from the wealth of the information and the empowerment through communication that the Internet provides, but mobile technology has the promise of filling that gap.

The reason why I work in Information Technology and the reason why I invest so much of my personal time to mobile technology in particular is because I truly believe in its benefits for society, and in particular how it supports relationships. The more we get to know people from different walks of life in all parts of the world we start to understand how we are so much the same. As a Christian, I have come to believe that what really matters most to God, as shared to us by Jesus, is how we relate to one another. The Kingdom is here and now and that is good news! Happy New Year!


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