Posted by: Frank | July 12, 2010

Choice Matters

In a post I wrote for MobileContentToday on July 6, I wrote:

I think application stores should only be a small part of the decision process for developers deciding on which mobile platform they should write programs. Another important criteria is the potential size of the market, and simple math shows that Android, which is available for all four of the major U.S. carriers, has a bigger market opportunity than iOS, which is only available on AT&T. Not only is the total number of customers of each carrier a factor of the market size, but also the number of different handsets the operating system runs on. A developer that decides to only write programs for the iPhone is limiting themselves to one handset on one carrier.

On Saturday Louis Gray summarized what I wrote above into one word in his post explaining why he was switching from iOS (iPhone) to Android, that word is choice.

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