Posted by: Frank | January 29, 2010

Drinking From The iPad Firehose

I’ve had fun today reading all of the iPad commentary, and found a few points that I had not thought of that I think are worth highlighting. A ComputerWorld article says:

Apple’s pricing for the iPad is “ridiculous,” a hardware expert said Wednesday, as he argued that the $130 price difference for models with 3G means buyers of those tablets subsidize the lowest-priced $499 model.

The article makes an interesting point about what could be Apple’s strategy behind the multiple priced models, but if it is true, I think it may be a dangerous strategy if more people buy the cheaper models than the 3G models. I expect that after the iPad ships we will see some articles on the web about the real cost of the device.

In today’s issue of MobileTechRoundup Kevin Tofel makes the case that the iPad is a Smartbook, pointing out that the same questions that people have about the  iPad (what market does it serve, do people really want one?) were being asked about Smartbooks. Honestly, I have not been listening to the Smartbook talk because it hasn’t made much sense to me, so I guess Kevin may have a good point.

This TechCrunch article says that the initial target of the iPad is current iPhone and iPod Touch users because the iPad improves the user experience for either device because how the user interacts with the device is the same. I own the original iPod Touch and admit that when I consider purchasing the iPad it as a replacement of the Touch. However, the main way that I use the iPod Touch is for listening to podcasts, mainly because I bought a cradle for my car to connect the iPod Touch to the car stereo and listen to podcasts.

Hivelogic writes about, what to me is the only new technology that is part of the iPad, Apple’s A4 processor. No one can confirm Apple’s claim of 10 hour battery life until they can get an iPad and test it, but I think it makes sense for Apple to do their own processor considering that tight integration between the processor and operating system is so important for longer battery life. I also think this is a pretty loud statement on how little battery technology has progressed over the years, and it also shows Apples commitment to mobile devices. I expect we will see the A4 in future editions of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Can one envision a time in the future when Apple doesn’t sell desktop or notebook computers?

One of the more puzzling parts of Apple’s announcement is their continued support for AT&T’s wireless network. The biggest knock against the iPhone is AT&T’s spotty 3G coverage, particularly in key areas were most geeks live. My guess is that the only reason why the iPad is launching on AT&T is that Apple has so much leverage that AT&T was willing to provide the $30/month data service at no additional cost to Apple. How can AT&T justify a lower cost for unlimited 3G service for a data-only device, and charge more for a 3G data cards, iPhone data plans, and tethering that will use as much, if not less data? This tells me that AT&T must have huge margins on their DataConnect Plans.



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