Posted by: Frank | October 30, 2009

Android Netbook, Why Bother?

One word: price!

For a while now there has been speculation about whether someone will sell a netbook running Android. The question got murkier when Google announced the Chrome operating system this summer, which appears to be targetted at netbooks. However, for now Chrome is vaporware and Android is real, so the prospect of seeing a netbook running Android is higher in the near term. This article reports that Asus is indeed planning to sell a netbook running Android next year, claiming it to be “their secret weapon.”

Clearly there is only one way that Android could provide a bump in sales for Asus, and that is if the price of the device is so low as to make it a “no-brainer” decision to purchase. The article says that the price may be $180, which while lower than most netbooks on the market, might still be too high. I am thinking make the price $100, with that 1GHz Snapdragon processor and I am getting more interested. If it were light, converted to a tablet, and ran the Android version of the eBook software that Barnes & Noble will sell with the nook they might truly have a secret weapon.


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