Posted by: Frank | August 18, 2009

Smartphones For Moms

As a long time PDA and smartphone user, I pay attention to the number of people that I see using iPhones, Blackberries, or Windows Mobile phones. I first started using a PDA in 1993 back when Doonsbury was making fun of the Newton MessagePad and few people actually used these devices.

Perhaps as only as far back as 3 years ago I might be the only person in the room with a smartphone. Times have changed. Now Blackberries have become must-have accessories for the 20-something crowd. So, I appreciate James Kendrick’s comments on CNET’s article on modern power moms flocking to smartphones.

I am curious though, about whether the smartphones are being fully utilized. I expect that many Blackberry users are doing e-mail and connecting to Facebook and Twitter, but aren’t using the address book or the calendar. They probably only use a handful of applications.

Still, the fact that smartphones are becoming must-have tools for mothers speaks to the changes that have occurred with these devices in recent years. Three years ago you could easily pay $500 for a smartphone, which was too expensive to be practical, not to mention the risk of being lost or broken. Now you can buy an iPhone for $99, and you might even be able to get a Blackberry for free with a new plan at many wireless providers. Another big change is that the software has become simple enough to be useful, and powerful enough with the installation of different programs to be tailored for a person’s needs.

My guess is that many new smartphone users would not imagined owning one three years. They probably didn’t see the need nor thought that it was useful. So if you are surprised to find yourself a smartphone user today, I am interested in hearing how you are using yours and what was it that pushed you towards buying one.


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