Posted by: Frank | July 1, 2009

Apple Creates HTTP Adaptive Streams

Check out the video demonstration of Apple’s new video streaming techology included in iPhone OS 3.0. As I wrote about in my last blog post, I think video streaming on mobile phones is going to have a significant impact on how we get news and information in the near future, and improvements to video streaming that compensates for the quality of wireless connections to maintain decent quality video is going to be important. This type of video streaming optimization will be important even with faster 4G wireless connectivity because in most cases the quality of wireless connection is dependent on many factors such as where you are located (inside a brick building, riding in a car) and how many people are connected (everyone tries to connect to watch the lastest CNN update on Mike Jackson’s death.) It’s good to see Apple make improvements to the “plumbing” that will help their mobile device.

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