Posted by: Frank | May 23, 2009

Google Tasks

A while back Google added Tasks to their mail and calendar applications. This web-based application is not an adequate alternative to a native tasks application for Android, which is something that Android is sadly lacking, but it is good for making and managing simple lists of information on a desktop, which is the type of thing I used ListPro for in the past, but I have found that I haven’t really used ListPro for some time.

There are a few things that I would like to see Google add to Tasks, besides making a native Android version. It supports indenting tasks so that you can have subtasks of tasks, but it does not provide a way to collapse or expand the indented items, which is something that I find important when many tasks and needing to manage them. In short, Google Tasks right now is not an outlining application.

Another feature that I would like is a simple way to reuse a list. For example, I like to make a list when I am preparing to travel to remind me of the things I need to do or pack before I leave. I find that I do those same tasks for just about every trip, so it would be nice if Google Tasks would clear (or reset) checkmarks so that I can reuse the tasks list. It does have a clear items function, which means I would have to reenter the tasks. You can manually clear the checkmarks, but that is hardly optimal.


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