Posted by: Frank | February 22, 2009

What Podcast Is Frank Listening To?

A few of my blog posts have referred to my listening to podcasts, which are free audio recordings that I listen to on my iPod Touch and T-Mobile G1 mobile phone. During my commute to and from work I listen to podcasts rather than the radio. Most of the time I listen to podcasts on my iPod Touch via an audio adapter connected to the auxilliary audio port in my Chevy HHR. Most of those podcasts are twenty minutes or longer in length. I download short form podcasts that are around five minutes long to my G1 to listen to during the day at work. I use DoggCatcher on my G1 to download the podcasts directly to the device while I download new podcasts to my iPod whenever I sync it with my Mac. The over the air process for downloading podcasts to the iPod is cumbersome, so I find it easy to stick with the “old fashion” synchronization process.

Here is a run down of the podcasts that I listen to. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am a geek, so you won’t be surprised that most of what I listen to are technically oriented. In no particular order, I listen to:

  • Adam Curry, The Daily Source Code. Yes, the Adam Curry of the ’80s MTV days, known as the “Podfather” for being one of the pioneers of podcasting. Initially his podcasts where technically oriented, with music intermingled, but for the last year or so his podcasts have been politically oriented with emphasis on conspiracy theories.
  • Coverville is a music podcast featuring covers. I think this is the best music podcast that I have listened. I actually download copies to my iPod and G1.
  • No Agenda is a two person podcast of Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. Covers a wide range of topics from fine dining to politics.
  • Tech 5 is a short five minute daily podcast by John C. Dvorak summarizing the day’s tech news. I download this one to my G1.
  • gdgt weekly is a gadget podcast by Ryan Block and Peter Rojas. Ryan and Peter are behind the two most popular gadget blogs on the Internet, Gizmodo and Engadget.
  • net@night is a podcast that focuses on popular Internet sites and web applications. It hosted by Leo Laport and Amber MacArthur and is part of the TWIT netcast network.
  • MobileTechRoundup is a mobile gadget podcast by James Kendrick and Kevin Toffel of jkOnTheRun and Matthew Miller of ZDNet.
  • This Week In Tech is the anchor podcast of the TWIT netcast network with hosts Leo Laport and a variety of guests. It focuses on the tech news from the week.
  • MobileAppsToday is the podcast hosted by friend Todd Ogasawara, who has had me on as a guest a couple of times.
  • CNN Marketplace Update is the business news podcast update from CNN that is released at 5 AM and 5 PM each day. I only listen to this podcast on my G1.

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