Posted by: Frank | January 31, 2009

Is This Right?

I am pretty sure that all other devices (Windows, Windows Mobile, etc) associate static and dynamic IP addressing to Wi-Fi networks. I have found that connectivity to my home network works fastest when I assign a static address to the device, such as my iPod Touch. The iPod and my Windows Mobile devices seem to understand that at home I want to use static address, but if I am at a T-Mobile Hotspot I want dynamic addressing.

I have just found that Android is not as smart. I assigned a static address for home, but apparently Android thinks I want to use that same address for all networks! So while I can connect to the free Wi-Fi network in the dealership I am at, it doesn’t work until I change Android to use dynamic addressing. Apparrently while they include the ability to assign an address to the G1, they didn’t think someone would actually use it.

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