Posted by: Frank | December 30, 2008

Testing wpToGo

If you are reading this post it is most likely because I have been successful at writing it on and posting it from my T-Mobile G1. To do it I used a program for Android called wpToGo, which is a simple program for writing and publishing new entries to a Word Press blog. You can start writing a post and save it on the G1 for further editing and publishing later, but you cannot edit a post that is already published to a blog. I also found out with my experiments that if you edit a post that you are currently writing but you already published, each subsequent postings generates a new blog entry rather than updating the current post. (Note to the software authors, it would be nice to be able to edit posts.)

The post was successful, including the hyperlink above, and I am now editing the post on my PC. For grins I added a picture to see what happens, you can configure the program to post the picture above or below the text that you wrote. It appears that wpToGo was optimized for mobile blogging of pictures. I took that picture during the Christmas Eve service at Hope Lutheran Church, care to guess what animal is in the picture?


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