Posted by: Frank | December 3, 2008

That’s What I Sound Like?

I’ve written here about how I listen to podcasts, but up until Friday I had never been in a podcast. On Friday I got together with Todd Ogasawara of MobileAppsToday via Skype to talk about the T-Mobile G1. I had a great time and once I got past my initial nervousness I sounded decent. I owe Todd a lot because he recognized my participation in the MSN Windows CE forums more than ten years ago, and asked me to be a forum assistant, which later lead to recognition by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional. All of that lead to my creating a little web site that got recognized by an editor at Osborne/McGraw-Hill that lead to my books. I am happy to help Todd out in his new business venture in any way I can, so, please download the podcast and if you like mobile devices and application, I encourage you to be a regular reader of his site.

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