Posted by: Frank | November 21, 2008

Buying Zune Pass Music

Microsoft has upgraded their Zune Pass music subscription service by providing subcribers credits to “purchase” or download and own ten songs. This is very cool, and I am looking forward to taking full advantage of this offerring. I’ve had a Zune Pass for a while so I have downloads a bunch of music, and I think that Microsoft should make easy for me to “buy” the music that I have already downloaded by simply right-clicking the track and clicking buy, however for some reason this feature does not exist. So, Microsoft, if you are listening, take this as a feature request.



  1. this has changed now…now you can buy items you already downloaded..very cool…just go on the market place, right click the song and choose buy.

    • Thanks, I will have to research this, but I am hoping a bit that it doesn’t work exactly the way you describe. The idea situation would be for me to right-click a song in my Collection and have the option to buy. When I am browsing the market place I don’t think it is obvious whether or not the song is already in your collection.

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