Posted by: Frank | July 7, 2008


So, about a month ago I started having pain in my right foot, at the top of the foot along the base of my toes, when I first stepped on it in the morning. After walking around a bit, the pain would seem to go away, so I just figured this was just another ache that I must endure in the morning. It hasn’t been uncommon for me to be stiff and a little sore in the morning.

Unfortunately, over the weeks the pain has gotten progressively worse so that I feel it all the time, particularly when I am on my foot. So, today I made an appointment to see the doctor, who sent me to get an x-ray, which I won’t hear back on until tomorrow.

The doctor pressed along the bones of my toes both on the top and bottom of my foot, and there isn’t any pain. It just hurts when I put weight on it. The pain isn’t bad enough to keep me from walking, but it is getting increasingly worse. Right now my doctor thinks it could be one of two things, either strained ligaments, or stress fracture(s). I am hoping that it’s just the ligaments because the stress fracture will have me in an air cast for six weeks!

For now, the process is to soak my foot in warm/hot water, take anti-inflammuatories, and try to stay off it as much as possible, which means walking around the Detroit City Fest yesterday was a dumb idea. If it is not a stress fracture, we’ll continue the therapy for a week and if it doesn’t get better I’ll be off to a podiatrist, probably go get some orthodics.


  1. Now I know…have you ever been to a chiropracter (back cracker)? When Doug had pain in his feet…he went to see one and it all started because something was misalligned in his spine. If the other remedies don’t work, it’s worth a shot.

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