Posted by: Frank | July 5, 2008


I finally got around to pulling pictures that I took over the last three months off my digital camera and pushed up to Flicr, but before I post the links to them, I need to direct you to this awesome picture that someone else took at Perth Australia. Incredible.

Ok, so there is no way that I can top that, but if you are interested, here are some pics to check out. First I have some rabbits frolicking in the backyard to our condo. I mean, really, how can you deny the cuteness of little bunny rabbits playing?

Alright, if that was too cute for you, how about some pics from the victory parade for the 2008 Stanley Cup champion, Detroit Red Wings? And if that isn’t enough sports history for you, then check out these pics of historic Lambeau Field, home of the 12 time world champion Green Bay Packers.

Finally, something probably too mundane for most except family, pictures of our new kitchen appliances. We’ve only lived here nine years, it was time to get rid of the 70’s style appliances, don’t you think?

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