Posted by: Frank | June 21, 2008

I Still Don’t Get It

The New York Times writes about why Oil is so high. There was a day when we thought to regulate basic infrastructure items like electricity and natural gas so that consumers aren’t held hostage by greedy companies for the necessities of life. Then came the Reagan years and the birth of the neocons who pushed the deregulation of the airline industry. Today there seems to be an antiregulation attitude driven by greed that is insuring the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The problem with this is that it may cause the poor to die.

I still don’t get how gas prices can change so quickly at gas stations. Stations do not run out of their supplies every day, so the price of the gas in the ground at the pumps doesn’t change for the station at the same rate as it changes for the consumer. I don’t get why nobody seems to investigate this.


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