Posted by: Frank | June 21, 2008

Firefox 3 on Asus Eee PC

Several days ago Firefox 3 came on to the Internet scene and today I installed it on my Mac Mini and my Asus Eee PC. I have found it to be faster on both machines than either Safari or Internet Explorer (respectively).

I am running Windows XP on my Eee PC, and have been using Internet Explorer 7 as the browser on the Eee. Web browsing is probably one of my main uses of the Eee, particularly reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader.  I have only briefly used Firefox 3 on the Eee, so this is a first impression report; more details will follow.

My first impression is that Firefox 3 is faster on the Eee. I also like the full screen mode and the ability to use Ctrl- and Ctrl+ to zoom in and out of a web page. I did notice, however, that when reading feeds in Google Reader full screen there is a point of using Ctrl- where text just doesn’t display.

My first impression of Firefox 3 on the Asus Eee PC is positive, and I see no reason at this time why anyone should not use it.


  1. Hi there,

    I’m having trouble installing Firefox 3 on my EEE. Any way you could help with instructions or point me in the right direction?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. The difference might be that I am running Windows XP on my Eee PC. I just downloaded the setup file and ran it with no problems. There was nothing special that I had to do.

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