Posted by: Frank | May 20, 2008

Starting Times

Spring is a great time if you are a sports fan and live in Detroit. Every year the Pistons and Red Wings make the playoffs and win well enough to get far in the playoffs. This year is no exception with the Red Wings making the Stanley Cup finals and the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals for the sixth year in a row.

This means a lot of evenings spent in front of the television watching sports. What is frustrating to me is the starting times of the Pistons games. Detroit and Boston are in the eastern time zone, so why is it that the games are starting at 8:45 PM? Conversely, the Stanley Cup finals are all starting at 8 PM, which is a much more reasonable time. I can understand the NBA finals, which includes a western conference team starting later, but why the eastern finals with two teams in the eastern time zone?

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