Posted by: Frank | May 10, 2008

Zune Update

Earlier this week Microsoft released version 2.5 of the Zune software along with a firmware update for the Zune. There are several new updates, with probably the most publicized are the videos though the Zune Marketplace doesn’t have much variety now. For example NBC has The Office, Heroes, and 30 Rock, while the Sci Fi channel has Battlestar Galatica (a no brainer for the geeks who have Zunes) and Eureka. There are some MTV and Commedy Central shows, but nothing interesting to me.

I am more personally interested in a couple of the smaller features. When Zune was first I released I didn’t understand why it did not have integration with Messenger like Windows Media Player does. By this I mean Media Player would put in the Messenger status what song I am currently playing. With this update the Zune software now shows in Messenger what I am currently playing.

In the original Zune software release they provided Smart Playlists, but inexplicably Microsoft removed it in a subsequent release. Smart Playlists are cool because they can dynamically change playlist content. For example, you can create a playlist for your high rated songs and those will automatically appear. One of the features Microsoft added to this function is the ability to create a playlist for a set amount of time, so I have created a 45 minute Commute playlist that will have enough music for my rid in or back form work.

Zune Thoughts has a number of videos showing the many new features that I have found to be handy. If you own a Zune or are just interested in knowing what is new, I recommend you check out some of the great videos that Jason put together.


  1. Great read, thanks for sharing! I love my Zune so far, I have an iPod too but I find myself using my Zune more often.

    If anyone needs Zune accessories check these guys out, they have great prices.

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